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Headlines for February 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new Bell Book and Comic website.

Still cold out, and I'm still working on the extra pages. A lot of the html is written in my spare time, and I just haven't had any lately. But I am still making these monthly updates, so at least that is going OK.

The new site features an auto-updating page of this week's new books - courtesy of Diamond Distributing - as well as details about starting a file with us.

Bell Book and Comic is now featuring DiceMasters weekly events! Every Tuesday at 6pm, with an entry fee of only $2!

Gem City Comic Con is coming March 28th + 29th. Tickets are available now at a discounted rate. Stop in to get your tickets soon!

We are using Bootstrap CSS to make this a responsive layout, so this website should look good in a big window or on a small screen like a cell phone. If you see something completely out of whack, let Dave C know and he'll fix it up as best he can.

This Month's Events

Happy Birthday, Pete! (Feb 21st)

Life should be more fun!

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