Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 2nd!

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Headlines for April 2015

Whew! March was a busy time for us! Gem City Comic Con was great as always, Magic had another set release, and now we are gearing up for April! And if that isn't enough, our good friends at Zombie Dogz will be here every other Friday through the summer, starting April 10th! Here's what is in the near future!

This Month's Events

  • We are closed Sunday, April 5th. Happy Easter!
  • Zombie Dogz: Friday, April 10th, 8pm
  • Magic: Standard PPTQ - Sunday, April 12th @ 1PM - $10
  • Warhammer Conquest: Saturday, April 18th @ 1PM
  • Magic: Dragons of Tarkir Game Day - Sunday, April 19th @ 1PM - $5
  • Zombie Dogz: Friday, April 24th, 8pm
  • Dicemasters: Draft @ 5PM - $12
  • Pokemon: Roaring Skies Prerelease @ Noon - $ 30
  • FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! - May 2nd!

Life should be more fun!

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